A story broke this week that wasn’t Brexit-related as a headline but one about quality of life. The news, published widely, advised anyone to avoid Soho in London, with Immingham, near Grimsby, up the east coast from us, not far behind. Shotley Gate in Ipswich garnered a place in the negative list, but 6 of the 10 were in London.

What did surprise us, at Envision Cad, was that no Norfolk places were named as healthy places to live: places like Torrington in Devon, towns and villages in Scotland etc, drew acclaim, but no mention of anywhere in and around Norwich.

East Anglia has long been a place of choice to live for a healthy lifestyle. The beaches and countryside are great; towns and cities like Norwich, King’s Lynn and Holt are hardly polluted hotspots from industry, yet no reference to these in the news.

We think that’s a shame.

Danny Boyle, Ed Sheeran, Richard Curtis have recently discovered the relatively undiscovered charm of Gorleston and how long before “Yesterday” makes this area become the next Southwold or Aldeburgh? Though perhaps hopefully not, given property prices there!

What is clear however from just a glance at property portals is that prices are rising locally.

We’re not estate agents, no, but we do recognise that investing in conversion or extension of your residential property will repay itself.

Property does have what is known as a “ceiling price” and what this means is that if your home in Norwich is valued at £400,000 spending £50,ooo will not automatically add that to the value. It may add £30,000 of course.

But with property prices rising across Norfolk annually, you can expect any investment to pay for itself in the short to medium term.

Extending and improving may be more cost effective than moving, with the cost of stamp duty and conveyancing and mortgage fees.

If you’ve got itchy feet, contact us today to find out how our planning services could negate the need for boxes and packing tape.