We’re fortunate at Envision Cad to be based in the Union Building on Rose Lane, rubbing shoulders with businesses like Aston Shaw and the Rooftop Gardens, with space never an issue.  If we ever feel claustrophobic and who would in such expansive surroundings, this Norwich architectural planning service has the city at its feet.

A fine city too, it is.

Many of our clients though are always on the lookout for land – in any city centre, like Norwich, London, Manchester, it is often difficult to find and fund. It is generally not available, and when it is for sale, it carries a hefty price tag.

Land prices do dip away from metropolitan centres but what caught our eye this week, looking beyond the UK shores, was this place in Tokyo, Japan:

At first glance, you might struggle to work out what it actually is – it’s the grey structure in the centre wedged between blue building and bike.

The Japanese, of course, know about land scarcity and are masters of making the most of small spaces.

That building, that office block, is only 2.7 metres wide!

This is what the architects said about the brief and the building:

From the main streets in Ginza, there are uncountable alleys that radically differ from the idea people usually have of this area – transparent facades and fashionable – and are mainly composed by solid and unattractive buildings.

Being the site in one of those, we felt that, in the middle of this packed area it would necessary to create an iconic building that make people look up, like a bell tower.

As cities become more densely packed, architects and planners have to come up with innovative uses of space.

This is no different in towns and cities in Norfolk and Suffolk.

If you’ve got land, a small space you want to use to develop, contact us today.

We can’t promise a Tokyo setting, but we will guarantee clever use of space.


Here’s a gallery too of the development: