Where this architects Norwich is based

Envision CAD are an experienced team of architects and planners based in the heart of Norwich. If you demand exactitude, we’re on the fifth floor of The Union Building on Rose Lane. That building too has an interesting architectural back story.

Externally, this 1970s commercial block wouldn’t have you swooning unless you worked there at Winterthur. You may then love the nostalgic memories. Inside though, the office suites are home to so many prestigious businesses and the interior is very contemporary.

Norfolk is a vast county – without reaching for Google, we think it’s second in size to Lincolnshire in terms of land mass and it remains, like its northern neighbour, relatively unpopulated.

A large and growing fine city

Norwich is a large and growing city. Don’t get us wrong, it does suffer from serious congestion and services are strained. But people who we work with who have moved here are impressed by the quality of life the area gives.

You have a very pleasant city centre, the UNESCO city of Literature no less. Average house prices are low compared with London and the Home Counties, for example.

Expensive and affordable areas

Norwich and its southern and eastern suburbs, like Eaton, Cringlefold, Thorpe St Andrew, Brundall and Blofield, for instance, can be expensive for property. Head to the coast, however, particularly towards Great Yarmouth, which itself has many pleasant suburbs like Burgh Castle, Filby, Bradwell and Gorleston and prices drop.

The good thing about the area too is that property prices don’t have the massive swings of London. 4% pa increases are the norm here making investment as a second home or a place to live, relatively risk free.

Convert or extend

What that also means is that extending or converting a property is a sound idea. You only have to look at the steady population growths in Norfolk town to see that demand is not being met by supply.

In practice, this means that you can extend your kitchen in Fleggburgh, convert that windmill in Reedham or add two storeys in Eaton, this is money well spent.

You see there will be always demand for great property in Norfolk with work overseen by reputable architects Norwich.

That fabled ceiling price can often be smashed too.

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