One trend has become very obvious in recent years – Working From Home. You may notice it where you live? 30 years ago, most people left their homes to work. 20 years ago, the pattern was changing but now, did you know, a third of the UK population work regularly from home? Even more impressive perhaps is that there are 4 million freelancers plying their trade in the UK.

It’s called the Gig economy and it shows no signs of decreasing.

Companies have latched on to this phenomenon. Many now employ teams of ad-hoc freelancers to complete tasks efficiently and cost-effectively. It seems to be a win-win for everyone – the self employed have to complete tasks to a high standard to be recompensed and the company directors don’t have to pay for pensions, national insurance, company cars and office costs to get work done. There’s clearly a trust factor in allowing an employee to work from home. But shouldn’t we trust employees as a matter of course?

The other side of this coin is that freelancers need a base to work from at home. 

High speed tech

The advent of powerful and affordable desktop and laptop computers has made the need to go to a business to complete tasks seem slightly anachronistic? High speed home broadband has made research and communication a cinch.

Save time and money

There’s no doubt that a person working from home is more efficient.  Instead of a daily commute of 90 minutes, which is physically tiring, the commute may be 90 seconds. It could be kitchen to home office. That office could be a spare bedroom, a bespoke garden office or a converted or extended space on the ground floor.  That commute, stacked up over several years, is expensive, whereas a dedicated home office space pays for itself longer term for the employer and employee.

With more joining the freelance community each year, that capital investment will appreciate.

How can Envision CAD help?

Firstly, we’re experts in architectural planning and drawings. We can assess your space, your needs and see whether it can be modified, converted or extended to allow you to work from home. We’re not just residential experts either.

From our base in The Union Building on Rose Lane, Norwich city centre, we see clever use of design at the Rooftop Gardens and in office suites at Aston Shaw.

Space there has been designed and adapted for different uses – meetings, co-working, eating and drinking, business and pleasure.

Lastly, if you have plans to take the plunge with working from home (after all 4 million people can’t be wrong), contact us today to see how we can help you as an employer, employee or freelancer.