With pumpkins being a forlorn orange memory, now, retailers and yourselves may be turning your mind (reluctantly?) to Christmas. It’s hard to avoid in Norwich itself with the light tunnel attracting its annual crowds to walk its length to the Forum.

Supermarkets seem to be stacked with plastic tubs of chocolates at their entrances and checkouts and we all stockpile, it seems, for the two days in December when shops shut.

Cynicism to one side, Christmas is a magical time of year and one the team at Envision CAD love. It’s time with families, plenty to eat and drink and the transformation of a property. Who isn’t charmed by Christmas trees, decorations and festive music? Very few we’d imagine.

Whether you dress a real tree or drag an artificial one from the loft or garage, space at home suddenly is in short supply. That real Nordmann Fir will easily take up a huge chuck of your room and the tubs of Quality Street, bottles of wine, sherry and lager will make you wonder where everything will fit.

Little wonder then that statistically the most visited websites on Boxing Day are sales ones: like John Lewis, whose advert is a milestone each Christmas and Rightmove.

We wonder if people have spent so much time with family and friends that they long to relocate?!? Or,  more likely, is it the space invaders of trees, people and presents that have adults swiping through the property portals?

We’re not entirely sure at Envision CAD, a leading Norwich architectural planning firm, why people get itchy feet on Boxing Day but what we do know is that moving is not always cost-effective, a topic close to our hearts.

You can remain in your home and extend, improve or convert quite easily. It’s something we specialise in – from windmills at Reedham to kitchen extensions in Fleggburgh.

So when you’re pulling a cracker on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, let’s hope you get this gag:

What happened when Santa got stuck in a chimney?

He felt Claus-trophobic

And if you feel claustrophobic over Christmas, get in touch with us!

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Email: enquiries@envisioncad.co.uk