Love it or list it, move or improve?

2020 has begun as 2019 ended - at least here in East Anglia, with cold, wet and windy weather though daytime hours slowly increasing as spring approaches. What caught our eye over Christmas and New Year were some figures about the cost of moving and the cost of improving. Obviously these are national figures and [...]

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What does a single storey extension cost?

The short answer is: anything you want to pay! The longer, more nuanced, answer is: it all depends. Depends on your location, the availability of architects, builders and craftsmen (and women), as well as size of extension, the materials being used and the amount of glazing. There are though some guideline figures: We asked David [...]

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The social media posts showing 10 years of change

Unless you've been on Planet Zog for the past few days, you've probably noticed the 10 year ago posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You've seen them - a photo from a decade ago and a new one, as Auld Lang Syne and fireworks belted out in the night skies. Now we're not here to [...]

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Co-living – a vision of the future or a passing fad?

Co-living is a relatively new term. We've all experienced it in childhood and family life - the concept that we all have our bedrooms but share kitchen, dining and living spaces. It usually continues until we flee the nest for work or university where shared living often continues as a student. The bedsit, shared kitchen [...]

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Do I Need Planning Permission When Building an Extension?

Do I Need Planning Permission When Building an Extension? is a question we sometimes get asked at Envision CAD and there is no simple Yes or No. Unless you live in a conservation area or one of the UK's 15 National Parks, you may be able to extend under Permitted Development. What is PD? Under [...]

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Any room at the Inn?

With pumpkins being a forlorn orange memory, now, retailers and yourselves may be turning your mind (reluctantly?) to Christmas. It's hard to avoid in Norwich itself with the light tunnel attracting its annual crowds to walk its length to the Forum. Supermarkets seem to be stacked with plastic tubs of chocolates at their entrances and [...]

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The rise of WFH – Working From Home

One trend has become very obvious in recent years - Working From Home. You may notice it where you live? 30 years ago, most people left their homes to work. 20 years ago, the pattern was changing but now, did you know, a third of the UK population work regularly from home? Even more impressive [...]

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How the humble kitchen has evolved

Like many counties in the UK, Norfolk and Suffolk have a broad range of architectural periods in property.  Take Norwich, for example. Certain properties in the city centre date back to the 13th century, like Stranger's Hall. There's examples too of  residential homes on the historic Elm Hill being built in the 17th century. On [...]

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

As Hallowe'en ends and pumpkins sag on neighbourhood fronts, marketing departments globally latch on to the next big event - no not Black Friday - but Christmas. We only know the 12 days of Christmas but walk in any department store or supermarket in Great Yarmouth, King's Lynn, Lowestoft or Norwich and you'd believe Christmas [...]

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Architects Norwich – how do you choose?

Where this architects Norwich is based Envision CAD are an experienced team of architects and planners based in the heart of Norwich. If you demand exactitude, we're on the fifth floor of The Union Building on Rose Lane. That building too has an interesting architectural back story. Externally, this 1970s commercial block wouldn't have you [...]

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