Project Description


Norfolk has many pleasant idiosyncrasies, like the absence of motorways and its colloquialisms such as bishy barnabee (ladybird if you’re frowning) and this project David has taken on is unusual in two ways.

First it’s a windmill.

Secondly, it’s in a Broadland village which has a fully operational chain ferry. We’ll come to the windmill conversion soon but the chain ferry deserves more comment, perhaps.

If you know Norfolk and Suffolk, the waterways here dictate road and rail transport.

In Great Yarmouth, Breydon Bridge and Haven Bridge need to be crossed to get to Gorleston and Lowestoft, though a third river crossing is rumoured and in Lowestoft, you have to cross Lake Lothing via Bascule Bridge or through Oulton Broads. All four routes can get bottlenecked in rush hour or when there’s an accident.

Reedham however is a rural idyll with a road in, but if you need to get to Beccles or Bungay, you have a circuitous road trip, unless you opt for the chain ferry. That short hop across the Yare saves 30 miles to get to the same spot via road.

It’s been operative in different forms since the 17th century with horses providing the, ahem, horse power but now it’s motorised.


Which brings us neatly to the windmill in Reedham: The Red Mill on Ferry Road, Reedham.

Envision CAD were delighted to be invited to plan for this project. The original building predates the ferry as its foundations date back to 1540; but the windmill and drainage pump burned down in 1890. However, the landmark has since been rebuilt.

The new proposal included clear definition of living spaces, new doors and windows in Anthracite Grey, as well as other remodelling.

Because the mill is in an environmentally sensitive area, the plans were added to the application.


Feedback though thus far is great:

“We have forwarded the drawings on and they have added them to the application. I have submitted the payment. Thanks so much for getting these turned around – we’ll let you know if there need to be any amendments, but we doubt there will. Thanks for an excellent service.”

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